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Excerpted from an interview with Noam Chomsky conducted by David Barsamian for The Sun – Issue #462, June 2014 Barsamian: So if Israeli policies continue on the current trajectory, what do you see in that country’s future? Chomsky: Almost uniformly, … Continue reading

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Zen in a Call Center

My sister, Julie, wrote this on Facebook and I felt like it was worth sharing.  Changing someone’s outlook or mood in even the smallest way can and does impact the world.  (I did some very minor editing including bolding the … Continue reading

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Linford’s Open Letter to Members of the NRA

Like all of Linford’s letters, this one is melodic and soothing.  Like only a few, it is also humbling and painful, evoking the difficult work of self-reflection.  I have often wished to live only in the world that I imagine … Continue reading

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When I say “guns AND mental health AND access to health care AND poverty” I *still* get people freaking out about the government taking away their guns.  WAKE THE FUCK UP AMERICA.  Try something.  Taking away *certain kinds of guns*, … Continue reading

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Late Night Ramblings

It’s late and I’ve had about….two too many beers.  When I drink I do a lot of thinking and I get really chatty.  So here’s what’s on my mind tonight. I’m MOTHER. FUCKING. TIRED. of these fucked up wars.  They’ve … Continue reading

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My Faith My Voice

“A grassroots effort by American Muslims from across the country looking to present their voice on issues affecting Muslims and Islam in America.” Beautiful.

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