Photo 10 – Loud

This one is so easy that it actually makes the creative aspect more difficult!  I could take a picture of my house, of my van full of children, of my crazy Moxie barking at every living creature or just a picture of any one of my children.  I also think of things that look loud, like bright floral blouses.  I don’t have any loud clothes.  Unless you count the pink vinyl dress I saved from Burning Man but I can’t fit into that anyway.

There are plenty of impromptu moments of extreme LOUD in our house.  Typically, it involves the girls playing “puppies” or cranking up their Buffy CD or the occasional thuds and screams from the bedroom where they’ve found some new idiot way to jump off of furniture.  When Elliet was about three, she jumped so forcefully in the living room that a ceiling light fixture in the basement broke.

There are also the loud times that are fun for all of us.  When they were very young, thunderstorms were always extra loud because I got them all yelling “BOOM BOOM BOOM!!” to distract from their fears.  They also frequently hope for the power to go out because that means using my iphone to blast some dance music and strobe lights.  Then there are the times when there are just entirely too many children in the house and there is no tempering the noise.  I like these times.  My mom was one of eight children and as you may suspect, they all learned how to be loud and mean it.  In fact, one of our favorite birthday traditions comes from my mom’s family.  They scream the Happy Birthday song as loud as possible instead of singing it.

So I did the easiest thing I could to trigger the “loud” in our house this evening.  A few minutes of dancing before bedtime.

This is how they roll, animal print jammies out of control...

This kid at their school did a dramatic reading of Sexy and I Know It for the talent show and it’s still making me laugh.  Jt randomly busts out with, “I’ve got passion… for my plants.”

Anyway, I’m including the next photo as well because it’s pretty funny.

I told them to yell but they started shrieking and OMgs I had to put a stop to things


PS.  It seems very, very obvious but I thought I’d mention this anyway.  I’m not exactly focused on the photography for these posts, all the photos so far have been taken with my phone.  As cliche as it is (oh! a mom who blogs who is taking up photography! instagram! photoshop! DSLR!) , I would like to learn more about taking and editing good photos but right now I’m just having fun!


About Just Vegas

I'm a 30-something married SAHM which means the nightmare scenario that plagued my early 20's has become reality. Funny thing is, I kinda like it. I have 3 lovely daughters who are educated at home and at a part-time alternative school. I love animals and I love people (in the general sense, not everybody all the time). I have no income to speak of, I'm not crafty and I hate cooking. My skills include reading the internet, watching tv on the internet and conversing with people on the internet. I'm an armchair philosopher, spiritualist, agnostic, feminist, liberal, activist, political pundit and tv critic.
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1 Response to Photo 10 – Loud

  1. Christie says:

    i always love reading your posts, but these picture posts have been particularly fun. I especially like the last picture. So great. Miss you guys!!! xoxo

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