Penguins Are Cute but I Can’t Stand Watching Them

This afternoon I lay – I just had to google proper usage of lay, lie, lain and laid – so, I lay down on the couch for a little nap.  The two older kids were preoccupied with Total House Destruction and the little one was sleeping.  Before I fell asleep I was daydreaming about all the fabulous blog posts I would write this year when I became distracted by penguins on the television and realized that before I can write any fabulous posts, I need to write about penguins.

Here’s some things about penguins:

They are HOLY FRACKIN ADORABLE.  Well, the little ones at least.  Case in point:

Bebe penguin. Cuter than your baby

But then there’s this guy:

NOT CUTE. Wants to steal your babies to line his nest.

Point being, penguins are mostly cute.  I like it when they slide on their bellies and I like to see them swimming because they look like fish and it makes me wonder about their genetic ancestry.  However, I can. not. stand. to watch videos of penguins walking.  It looks so cumbersome and painful.  It reminds me of this time when I was in high school when some boys duct taped another boy from his shoulders to his ankles.  He couldn’t move his legs and instead had to waddle with his feet until he fell over and everyone laughed.

Don’t worry, it wasn’t bullying.  This was a very small Christian school, so they obviously didn’t have bullies.  They had people who liked to tease, rough up and humiliate other kids and kids who enjoyed that treatment.  They were all friends at youth group on the weekend, I’m sure.  None of that is true.  I didn’t make a single friend in that school.  At first I thought, “wouldn’t it be nice if one of the girls in my junior class (of 13) would have me over sometime?”  Then on Monday they would come in giggling about how they played Parcheesi all weekend.  And it WASN’T CODE for something fun.  So I wasn’t so sad about not making those particular friends.  That left me with the God-haters.  I didn’t hate God at the time but at least we could listen to normal music and do normal things.  We were “Christian rebellious”.  We didn’t experiment with drugs or sex, just the occasional cigarette and some Nine Inch Nails.  It was teenage rebellion-lite.

Where were we.  Oh right, penguins.  That’s really all I had to say on the matter.  It physically hurts me to watch them trying to walk.


About Just Vegas

I'm a 30-something married SAHM which means the nightmare scenario that plagued my early 20's has become reality. Funny thing is, I kinda like it. I have 3 lovely daughters who are educated at home and at a part-time alternative school. I love animals and I love people (in the general sense, not everybody all the time). I have no income to speak of, I'm not crafty and I hate cooking. My skills include reading the internet, watching tv on the internet and conversing with people on the internet. I'm an armchair philosopher, spiritualist, agnostic, feminist, liberal, activist, political pundit and tv critic.
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6 Responses to Penguins Are Cute but I Can’t Stand Watching Them

  1. Suzanne says:

    I, um, have no strong feelings on penguins, other than this… I saw some in person once and they were bigger than I thought they’d be. Not emperor penguins either, I think the regular South Pole (North Pole?) kind. Anyhow, bigger and much more curious than one would expect. And they smell. But then I guess when your primary food is fish a certain fishy-smell comes along with it.

    Also, more fabulous blog posts in the New Year, please!!!

  2. Christie says:

    That post is wack – in a good way? I didn’t used to pay all that much attention to the mini tuxedos until I saw Pingu/was forced to repeat watch the show with my kids. And then watched March of the Penguins on netflix. I loved that one. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the little guys. Seriously cute and amazing.

    As far as the thought connection – that really sucks. I’m afraid all too many of us have felt and witnessed situations like that. I know for me in my Senior of high school, the “Christian” kids were the last ones I wanted to hang out with and were certainly not there for me when I most needed someone. I was suicidal all that year – the only ones who were there were pretty much anti-church. My best friend was a non-practicing Jew, who sat with me through all of the pain and loneliness. I’m so grateful for that kind of goodness. (“Christian rebellious” made me smile – mine was not going through with suicide- barely hanging on, getting through it all with Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness, and making out with a Marilyn Manson deadhead and then a Bhuddist. strange and sad times with glimpses of goodness.)

  3. GiGi says:

    Penguin walking reminds me of walking while pregnant with a separated pubic bone. Fun times.

    Ok, this is toooooo funny: “And it WASN’T CODE for something fun.” WTH is Parcheesi anyway?


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