More on Disney v the Hijab

Sensible Seamstress sends this article detailing Disney’s attempts to allow Imane Boudlal to keep her job and wear a hijab.  I think it is clear that Disney has done what they can to accommodate Imane’s religious practices.

Do you think they’ve been fair?  Do you think this case may be about a larger change to Disney’s image?  I’m wondering if she’s not pursuing this to get them to change the “face” of Disney to one that’s more inclusive.  Maybe it’s time for a Muslim princess?


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12 Responses to More on Disney v the Hijab

  1. sharon says:

    I think she should be allowed to wear a headscarf, as long as it has mickey mouse ears.

    Seriously, I don’t see a problem with requiring a uniform or a dress code for people who are working the “front of the house.” But it should be applied uniformly. Not “a small cross,” but “no cross,” for starters.

    • ryan says:

      Who said small cross? Disney policy is no cross……

      • sharon says:

        I thought I read somewhere that small crosses were allowed. My bad. I can’t find it now. The Disney website clearly says no personal jewelry other than a wristwatch and one ring on each hand.

  2. Patrick D. says:

    She’s being beyond unreasonable. I feel Disney has the right to dictate your costume if you work in a costumed area. Sorry. That’s why they call it a ‘theme’. She’s been offered multiple costume options to allow her to wear her headscarf and multiple jobs at the same pay in places where she can wear her headscarf and she has refused them.

    People need to get over themselves.

  3. I would love to know why she’s doing this, or, if anyone close to her is pressuring her to keep this up (?), what is their motivation? The article mentioned something about a union.

    Disney has been perfectly reasonable and accommodating, from all I can tell.

  4. ryan says:

    Like princess jasmine? Aladin?

  5. Middleoftheroadmary says:

    If this woman does not like the rules at Disney she is free to find work elsewhere. Disney does have the right to dictate uniforms. If this woman is looking for a lawsuit-then you’ll all know the true motive behind this very silly story.

    Kim Kardashian proves that you can’t buy class-even if you have lots and lots of money!

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